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Welcome to International House Riga
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Welcome to International House Riga
CELTA: train with us!



Bikram Singh

The CELTA course shaped my teaching style. Not only has it given me a lot of ideas for planning the lessons, but, more importantly, it gave me clear ideas about what to focus on to improve my teaching. How to structure my lesson effectively? How to give constructive feedback and make error corrections? How to teach grammar rules effectively and ensure that students understand and apply the rules correctly? I found the answers  answers to the aforementioned questions during CELTA training. For me, teaching English has been hugely rewarding owing to CELTA.

Oaklee Pumpurs

I found the CELTA course to be extremely valuable in that it provided me with the knowledge, confidence, and practical experience needed to begin developing my own skills as an English teacher. The course is packed full of teaching techniques and approaches that very much focus on promoting communication among students



Zaiga Mikelsone

My friend and colleague warned me that CELTA course will be intense. I thought “Hm, how intense can it be? I’ve dealt with a number of challenges in the past and this should be just fine.” Well, the course was intense! You have to work hard but it is absolutely worth it. The theoretical sessions provide or enable you to revise the key theory; whereas the practical sessions allow you to put the theory into practice in a real classroom with real students. You are under a microscope. You constantly learn, analyze and reflect. You develop your teaching strengths and work on your weaknesses. The experience that the CELTA course provided has been invaluable. I acquired teaching strategies, tools and resources. I also got to meet and work with wonderful mentors and other English language teachers.

Tomas Kontakevics

As someone who had no prior experience of teaching, I was hesitant to apply to CELTA, thinking that it was tailored more towards improving your skills as a teacher rather than developing them from scratch. The course, however, proved to be as suitable for complete novices like me as it was for experienced teachers. I found myself treading common ground with those who had taught before and even those whohad teaching as their profession. What is special about CELTA is that it gives a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of teaching as a practice and the English language in general, and challenges you to constantly apply what you have learned in the actual lessons you teach. It is no doubt that the course is challenging. Yet it is precisely the challenges of rigorously planning a lesson and figuring out how best to present the material or teaching a group of people who are much older than you that are the most rewarding – not only for furthering your overall competence as a teacher, but also for gaining a deeper understanding of how you yourself can be a better student, no matter what it is you set out to learn.