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Welcome to International House Riga
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Welcome to International House Riga
CELTA: train with us!

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Unfortunately, we are not offering any external training at the moment. For further details please visit  IH World website.


Everything about CELTA (video)

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What is CELTA


Course Description

The Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) is a 4-week course for candidates with little or no previous English Language teaching experience. It is also suitable for candidates with some experience but little previous training, as well as experienced candidates looking to refresh and develop their teaching techniques and gain inspiration and professional knowledge. CELTA focusses on the communicative approach to language teaching. As a qualification that is recognised around the world, it gives you the skills you need and opens up a whole world of exciting teaching opportunities.

What can I expect?

The course includes input sessions (training), tutorial support and consultation, supervised lesson planning, assessed teaching practice supervised by a course tutor, feedback on teaching practice, peer observation of teaching practice and observation of experienced English Language teaching professionals.

Additionally, you will be required to undertake ‘non-contact’ hours for reading, research, assignment writing, lesson preparation, and record keeping.

As you can see from the above, the workload is intense. The intensive course will run all day on weekdays for four weeks, and in addition you will need to do about 3-4 hours a day on top of this, and 6-12 hours at the weekend.


How do I apply?

To apply to do the course there are several requirements that you need to meet: you should be over 18 and your level of English (both spoken and written) should be at least C1 according to CEFR. The third requirement which is less tangible but crucial when it comes to succeeding on the course is your ability to change some of your teaching beliefs and habits, your readiness to develop and your openness to giving and receiving feedback.

The application process helps both you and your tutors to make sure that you and the course are, so to say, a good ‘match’. We take the application process very seriously as we believe that it is important for you have the right expectations about the course before you commit to it. We also need to make sure that you are ready to take the course and cope with it.

What happens after the course?

Finding a job

It has been estimated that more than one billion people in the world today speak, or are learning to speak English. The range of locations and situations in which English language teachers are in demand is enormous.

Working with IH

IH World Human Resources recruits hundreds of teachers each year to work in IH affiliated schools. Most contracts with IH schools are for one year. Salaries are locally appropriate and are usually payable in the local currency. Return air-fare, paid holidays and assistance with accommodation are offered on most contracts outside the UK. IH is perhaps unique in the world of TEFL in offering an international career structure for its staff.

International House Riga will be interested in employing successful candidates who achieve an A or B pass on the course.


Five benefits to doing CELTA with us:

- We have permanent CELTA tutors who have worked together on a number of different CELTA courses. This means that the courses run smoothly, and you can expect both tutors to always be on the same page about every single aspect of the course, thus making it much easier and less stressful for everyone involved.

- Your TP (teaching practice) students come from different language backgrounds (some speak Latvian while others speak Russian as their L1). This gives you an opportunity to work with mixed-language groups. Both Latvian and Russian languages are very different from English, thus making your TP both more interesting and useful in terms of the teaching experience that you will get. Don’t worry, your tutors are well familiar with both the language and the cultural context and will be able to give you guidance and support!

- We have an extensive resource library with lots of reference materials and supplementary photocopiable resources which will help you with both your TPs and your written assignments.

- A lot of our experienced teachers were trained by us here in Riga. You will be observing some of them teach, which will give you an insight into how things work out for our CELTA graduates. There is also a possibility of finding employment with our school once you have passed the course (this will, of course, depend on the number of teachers that the school is recruiting for the start if each academic year).

- Riga is a vibrant European city – big enough to be lively and modern, and small enough to make getting around it easy and stress-free. This year Latvia is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary, which means that the summer will be packed with cultural events and outdoor festivals, allowing you a pleasant break from all the hard work on Friday and/or Saturday nights.


International House Riga-Satva is able to offer a limited amount of both single and shared accommodation for the duration of each CELTA course. All our flats are fully furnished, within easy commute of the school, and the rental fee includes all bills. 2020 prices: single - 500 EUR (subject to availability); shared - 350 EUR