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Welcome to International House Riga
High quality educational service
Welcome to International House Riga
CELTA: train with us!

IH Riga-Satva - 27 Years Of Excellence In Language Teaching

IH Riga was founded in 1993 and joined IHWO a decade later.  Working with us is an opportunity to work as part of an exceptional team of dedicated teachers.



Betti  Sewell

Director of Studies

Qualifications:BA, Post Graduate Certificate in Management Studies, CELTA, IH CAM, DELTA

- My priority is helping my students and colleagues to achieve their individual goals and to see their skills and confidence blossom. I try to find what makes people feel relaxed and motivated, so they can do their best and shine.

Florencia Valente

Senior Teacher

Qualifications: BA, CELTA, IH CAM, Delta

- There is nothing more rewarding than seeing students make progress throughout the year. You get to celebrate big and small accomplishments as they become more confident and competent communicators.


Marjorie Frick

English Language Teacher

Qualifications: BA, CELTA, IH CYLT

- I'm from Switzerland. I aim to make my lessons creative and engaging, because I believe learning languages should be a rewarding experience for anyone who decides to embark on such a journey. I'm an art and literature lover and my hobbies include water sports and traveling.

Steven Perry

English Language Teacher

Qualifications: Bsc, CELTA
- I'm from Portland, Oregon in the USA. I enjoy working with my students and challenging them to learn the necessary English skills they need for lives in order to broaden their knowledge and open more opportunities for their futures. If we have fun while doing it, all the better!

Ian Coleman

English Language Teacher 

Qualifications: BA, CELTA, TYLEC, Trinity DipTESOL.

- I’m from Scotland. I’ve been teaching English for 10 years, and I’ve taught in the UK, Belgium, Thailand and Romania. I love seeing my students flourish, and I aim to create fun and dynamic lessons with lots of exciting games and projects.

Mario Silves Reneo

English & Spanish Language Teacher

Qualifications: BA, MA, CELTA, TKT

- I grew up in the UK and Spain. For 10 years I have taught in Spain, Thailand and China. I especially enjoy teaching Very Young Learners. My hobbies include travelling, learning languages, reading and watching movies. I’m also a big football fan and a coffee lover.


Jeremy Barchus

English Language Teacher

Qualifications: CELTA, IH CYLT, IH Certificate in Online Tutoring

- I’m from Cheltenham in South-West England. I love finding different ways to creatively involve popular culture and look forward to incorporating the wider world in engaging lessons and rewarding discussions at IH Riga.

Marta Szychowska

English Language Teacher

Qualifications: BA, Trinity CertTESOL

- I do my best to create a classroom where students can thrive and explore to reach their full potential. I aim to create a warm, friendly environment, so students feel safe to take risks and express themselves.


Margarita Ulitska

English Language Teacher

Qualifications: IHCC

- Working at IH Riga-Satva is big responsibility and pleasure for me. I am the happiest professional: I love my job and my students and, I hope, my students love me too.

Viktorija Chesnovicka

English Language Teacher

Qualifications: BA, MA, CELTA

- I have always wanted to become a teacher. As a child, I used to put my dolls around the room on the chairs and show them different pictures in the books. Later on I was inspired by my English teacher at the secondary school – strict but friendly, beautiful and very intelligent.

Irina Piskorska

English Language Teacher

Qualifications: IHCC

- "Inspired students" learn much faster, that is why I do my best to create the most enjoyable learning atmosphere for students.

Linda Bidiņa

Latviešu valodas pasniedzēja

Kvalifikācija: MA

- Palīdzēt citiem - tas ir prieks un aicinājums. Aicinām pie mums - apgūt jaunu, pilnveidoties, piedalīties sarunās un grupās. Uz tikšanos!


Tatiana Tarovika

English Language Teacher

Qualifications: BA, IHCYL, IHVYL

-  I believe that a foreign language should be acquired rather than learnt, almost in the same way as we pick up our first language. I am very happy that I can pursue this idea here, at IH Riga, and give my students an opportunity to study as naturally as possible. 

Inna Zaderijeva

English Language Teacher

Qualifications: IHCYL

- I feel like it is amazing to be a part of a different language world: to be able to speak with this world, to respond to it. And this is even more precious that you can help other people to enter this world and show them wider possibilities.

Marina Jelisejeva

English Language Teacher

Qualifications: MA, CELTA, IH CYLT

- One of the things I really want they feel after the course is the feeling of confidence. I like Walt Disney’s statement “First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare.” I believe our  students dare.